July 14, 2020
Jessica Ortiz
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All Six Candidates for the House of Representatives Endorsed by March On PAC Demonstrate Support for Affordable Healthcare, Education Reform, Economic Security, Fighting Discrimination, Amongst Other Issues

WASHINGTON, D.C.—March On PAC (MO PAC) today announced six endorsements for the House of Representatives as part of the PAC’s commitment to safeguarding the Democratic majority in the House. Following the election of the most progressive House in history in 2018, MO PAC is taking March On’s electoral work to the next level. By endorsing candidates, MO PAC is working to help Democrats retain control of the House. The endorsed candidates represent Americans’ shared progressive values around support for affordable healthcare, education reform, economic security, fighting discrimination and other critical issues necessary to move the country forward.

MO PAC is endorsing these candidates because they have demonstrated their commitment to fighting for people and for progressive change. As an example, many have repurposed their campaigns to help respond to COVID-19 in their communities—a continuing threat that the current administration has chosen to ignore, resulting in a public health crisis of unprecedented proportions across the United States.

“It’s critically important to protect progressive gains and Hold the House this November if our country is to move past this era of corruption and into an era of equity and justice,” said Vanessa Wruble, Executive Director of March On. “We are standing behind candidates who we know will fight for a better future for those who have been marginalized in our county for far too long.”

The endorsed candidates represent five states and are as follows:

  • Hiral Tipirneni, D–Arizona. Tipirneni is a former emergency room physician who believes in choice and affordability in healthcare for every American.
  • Christy Smith, D–California. Smith, recently endorsed by President Barack Obama, currently represents California’s 38th Assembly District and fights for greater access to affordable healthcare and putting the needs of families first.
  • Katie Porter, D–California. Currently representing California’s 45th Congressional District, Porter is a key supporter of legislation to reduce the influence of dark money in politics and restore ethics in Washington.
  • Kara Eastman, D–Nebraska. Eastman is seeking to unseat incumbent Don Bacon and is committed to putting the needs of the people before those of political parties and corporations.
  • Gina Ortiz Jones, D–Texas. As the daughter of immigrants and as a former U.S. Airforce Intelligence Officer, Ortiz Jones is ready to fight for Texans’ safety, health and wellbeing.
  • Jahana Hayes, D–Connecticut. Currently representing the Fifth Congressional District of Connecticut, Hayes will continue to vigorously fight for equitable access to quality education, affordable health care for everyone, labor, agriculture and the environment.

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