North Carolina

Pat Timmons-Goodson

March On PAC is proud to endorse Pat Timmons-Goodson, former North Carolina supreme court judge, for her long-time commitment to bringing high-quality healthcare to all, eliminating inequities in the justice system, and protecting the rights of military families and veterans. Pat has long recognized the need for an improved healthcare system, and that need has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Pat will not only protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act but also ensure that every citizen infected with COVID-19 has immediate access to proper and affordable healthcare.

As a woman and mother, Pat understands the importance of a woman’s right to choose. She will fight for that right to be protected by not allowing any laws that will take away a person’s ability to make a choice about their own body. Having served years as the first African American woman on the North Carolina Supreme Court, Pat understands the need for reform of the justice system. She plans to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to reinstate the full extent of voter protections and restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals. Pat also plans to back the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to decrease police brutality and eliminate racial profiling.

Born into a military family, Pat has always been dedicated to helping families and veterans who have faced similar circumstances and has committed to prioritizing their needs for mental and physical support. Furthermore, she will ensure that military families have proper childcare and educators who understand their special circumstances.