U.S. Senate


education reform that drives equity for all children
expansion of Medicaid
affordable, quality healthcare for all

Mike Espy

We are proud to endorse Mike Espy as the 2020 Democratic candidate in the Mississippi Senate race. Mike, who was inspired by his grandfather—the son of slaves—to represent the American people, is the candidate uniquely committed to contending with our country’s past to build a better future.

Mike is committed to comprehensive education reform. He believes that all children, no matter their race, zip code or economic background, deserve access to a quality education that will allow them to reach their full potential. Mike is a strong advocate for infusing underfunded schools with more public dollars and has vowed to ensure that decisions about education are left to our educators, teachers, parents and school administrators on the ground, not to wealthy donors who are interested in padding their own pockets.

Mike’s top priority is expanding Medicaid. In 1924, his grandfather opened the first Black-owned hospital in Mississippi at the height of Jim Crow, serving Black residents who had few options for care. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Mike is committed to working to guarantee all Americans access to quality and affordable healthcare.