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gun violence prevention
affordable healthcare
a woman’s right to choose
renewable energy

Mark Kelly

We are proud to endorse Mark Kelly, a 25-year Navy combat pilot, engineer and NASA astronaut, for his unwavering support of affordable healthcare, a woman’s right to choose and defense of renewable energy.

As a cancer survivor, Mark believes that everyone has a right to affordable healthcare. Mark has pledged to take on the pharmaceutical industry to dramatically lower the cost of prescription drugs and is a vocal champion of a public care option that would directly compete with private insurers who create more barriers than bridges to quality care for millions of Americans.

Mark is the candidate who will ensure that every woman’s right to choose is protected. He has vowed to reject any effort that makes it more difficult for women to access vital healthcare services. He stands in steadfast support of affordable access to women’s care, from reproductive care to critical programs like CHIP and WIC that help women and children stay healthy.

Mark Kelly is a proven problem solver keen on making large investments in the research and development of technologies that accelerate our transition to a renewable economy. He is the staunch advocate for renewable energy that we need in the Senate.