Lauren Underwood

Currently serving Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has demonstrated her unwavering support in creating a country that believes people of all backgrounds deserve access to access to quality, affordable health care, and for that we are proud to endorse her as she defends her seat against a Republican challenger.

Lauren is the youngest African American woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Prior to her election to Congress, Lauren worked as a nurse and with a Medicaid plan in Chicago to ensure that it provided high-quality, cost-efficient care. As a career public servant at HHS, she helped implement the Affordable Care Act, broadening access for those on Medicare, improving healthcare quality and reforming private insurance. In the House, Lauren created the H.R. 1010 bill that protects patients by banning “junk” insurance plans that don’t have to cover pre-existing conditions or health benefits people rely on such as hospital services, maternity care, or prescription drugs. She also passed legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions, allow people up to 26 years old to stay on their parents’ health insurance, and help make quality healthcare more affordable.

Lauren has also introduced the Health Care Affordability Act, which would ensure that no one who buys insurance on their own has to pay more than 8.5 percent of their income for health insurance premiums. This would reduce premiums by hundreds or thousands of dollars for more than 17,000 people in Illinois’s 14th Congressional District and make lower-cost options available to 22,000 uninsured people in the district.