Kim Schrier

Prior to her election to Congress in November 2018, Kim spent her career as a pediatrician, working with children across the Puget Sound region and helping families navigate the healthcare system. Because Kim uses this expertise to inform her work on issues that improve the lives, health and wellbeing of children, we are proud to endorse Kim Schrier for her re-election campaign as Washington’s 8th Congressional District representative.

As a pediatrician, Kim came to Congress to fight for quality, affordable healthcare because she saw attacks on our healthcare system and knew her patients were worried about the future of their care. Kim is the co-chair of the Health Care Task Force for the New Democratic Coalition, where she is working to build on the Affordable Care Act and expand access through a public option. She is unwavering in her commitment to bring down the cost of prescription drugs so families don’t have to choose between paying for medication or paying their bills.

As the product of public education from elementary through medical school, Kim is passionate about helping every child thrive in school. Kim believes that schools must receive proper funding and support to guarantee every child a good education regardless of their zip code. As a member of the Committee on Education and Labor, Kim has the opportunity to work directly for Washington’s schools and ensure all children receive a quality, well-rounded education. Above all, Kim understands the importance of quality early learning programs and educational equity and knows that when we support teachers, the next generation benefits.