Hiral Tipirneni

We proudly support Dr. Hiral Tipirneni’s candidacy as the 2020 Democratic candidate in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.

Hiral began her career in the emergency medical field after losing her mother and nephew to cancer, as well as suffering from a childhood illness. Hiral is a candidate who will push to protect the current, most beneficial and popular Affordable Care Act provisions, helping all Americans gain access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. As a physician trained to follow facts, diagnose problems and follow with solutions, Hiral is a vocal champion of fighting for fiscally responsible, efficient practices within our healthcare system to lead to healthier Americans. Hiral believes that any healthcare reform must include expanding the risk pool with healthy individuals.

Continuously invested in strengthening her community and improving overall quality of life, Hiral is extending her strength toward a run for Congress. She is running to take on Washington insiders and apply her problem-solving, team-oriented approach to working with Republicans and Democrats alike to get the results we need.