Gina Ortiz Jones

As the daughter of an immigrant, Gina knows firsthand how America’s promise of opportunity for those who are willing to work hard can live up to its reputation. Gina believes that promise is under threat and that now more than ever, America needs leaders who will protect that promise. That’s why we endorse Gina Ortiz Jones, the 2020 Democratic candidate in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

Gina will make creating good-paying jobs in Texas her number one priority—focusing on investing in small businesses to put Texas at the forefront of job creation and innovation. Gina will protect and create the economic opportunities needed to ensure a strong and growing middle class. She is committed to attracting new industries and businesses to Texas, fighting for equal pay, and protecting small businesses by cutting red tape and providing incentives and tax relief.

As a first-generation American, Gina will never forget that our country was built by immigrants and that immigration strengthens our economy. Gina will work to ensure that immigration policies focus on tapping into our country’s potential–not forcing vulnerable communities into the shadows. In Congress, Gina promises to fight for a clean DREAM Act and protection for DACA. She will also work towards strengthening protections at all existing ports of entry, along the borders and shipping ports.

Gina will fight every day to ensure all Americans are given the opportunities and promise of a better future, just as our country gave to her and her family.