Christy Smith

As a leader of the Santa Clarita district, Christy has a proven record of fighting for working families. Along with President Barack Obama, we proudly support Christy’s candidacy for California’s 25th Congressional District because of her dedication to affordable healthcare and putting the needs of families first.

Christy is firmly committed to ensuring every American has access to affordable healthcare. Having lost a loved one because they could not afford care, Christy is passionate about ensuring that no other family has to undergo the stress, loss and grief her family did. Christy believes we need to have the same consumer protections in the healthcare system as we do in any consumer market, which includes transparency when it comes to the real cost of healthcare treatments. She will work to shed light on pricing that for too long has been negotiated in the dark.

Christy also believes that when women thrive, families thrive. Christy has an extensive background in fighting for women and families at the scholastic and state level. She has stood up for equal pay for equal work and affordable childcare so that all families have a fair shot at success. Christy is also a candidate who will fight to protect a woman’s right to choose and funding for Planned Parenthood and other providers that ensure women have affordable options for a full range of reproductive healthcare.