We're for ESPY

On November 3, 2020, Americans will have the chance to usher in a new era—an era of justice, fairness and equity for all. An era in which we put an end to bureaucratic corruption, commit to social and economic justice, and prioritize the health of our communities. In this era, our country will be led by those who reflect our shared values and who represent the American people in all of its richness and diversity.

This era isn’t just about taking back the White House. It’s about holding the House of Representatives, reclaiming the Senate and taking back control of state houses to ensure they represent the voices of women, youth and Black, Latinx and Asian Americans whose voices refuse to be marginalized any longer. We know that equity is essential to the advancement of our humanity as well as the economic, political and social progress of our country and world.

That’s why March On is supporting candidates across the country who pledge to move us into that era. We will study the electorate, organize and mobilize communities on the ground, and turn out the vote to win. We support candidates committed to:

We're for Pro-choice protections

Voting For the Future We Want


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