Abby Finkenauer

Abby Finkenauer comes from a hardworking family that emphasized the importance of caring for others and the value of public service. At the age of 25, Abby was elected to the Iowa State House of Representatives and has spent two terms in the State House improving the lives of Iowa’s working families. She ran for Congress in 2018 to continue to focus on building a stronger economy and middle class. We are proud to endorse Abby Finkenauer as the 2020 Demoratice candidate in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District because of her unwavering fight in bettering our society through support for small businesses and renewable energy.

Abby wants an economy that works for every Iowan and understands that we must grow new economic opportunities at home so that future generations will choose to stay in their home state of Iowa. Because of this, Abby serves on the House Small Business Committee to help small businesses in Northeast Iowa grow and access capital, cut through red tape and hire from a high-skilled workforce. Abby made significant strides in helping Iowans and their businesses when she introduced and passed the Stimulating Innovation through Procurement Act in January of 2019.

Iowa has long been a leader in the development and production of renewable energy, and Abby understands that alternatives like wind, solar and biofuels are vital to our economy, to the future of our environment and to national security. She supports a strong Renewable Fuel Standard and has taken action to end the abuse of small refinery waivers that has undermined this important program while securing access to year-round E-15. She supports policies that encourage conservation and development of alternative energy on farms while ensuring Iowa works collaboratively with farmers to conserve natural resources and improve water and soil health.